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“Boomer” born 4-27-19 Spotted draft filly

   The last foal of the year. It saddens her to know that no one, not one person picked her. Now she is all alone, motherless and without a friend. 
   There was a time not very long ago that she was excited and bragged that she and her two best friends would be heading west to seek their fame and fortune. They were to attend a fancy college and and live in a posh stable with highly educated equine as their mentors. With wide open spaces for foals to frolic, yes all a motherless foal could hope for, an idyllic dream. But did she fly too close to the sun? 
   Things changed, she and her friends would not be going to that fancy home in the west. Her friends all got picked by loving adoptive parents and went their separate ways leaving her behind, forlorn, forsaken and forgotten. Her dreams dashed. She is now hoping for a special someone to pick HER. and give HER a home. It doesn’t need  to be some highfalutin, fancy ranchero  she just wants to be kept safe, with food to eat and friends to play with…in a good school district. 
She has been trying to keep herself together and keep up her appearances, so that one day that one special someone WILL come along and WILL adopt her. Sure keeps a brave face and keeps herself in shape by running about, but it’s with a veil of sadness when you’re all alone. Being the last foal at the “Horsenage” is hard on a gal’s self esteem. But we won’t tell if you won’t. That’s stigma should not have to follow her out into the world.
  She should be an average height horse but she will be stout. Oh, did I mention the feathers and adorable polka dots?
She is learning to lead, lunge and to be handled and groomed. As an added bonus she comes with her own supply of milk pellets!
If you have room in your heart and  barn for this 3 month old spotted draft cross(we do not know what she is crossed with) sweetheart and you are APPROVED give us a call.
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“Susie” Halflinger mare. Sound, well broke. she is what can only be described as obese! She has NEVER foundered! I know- unbelievable  but true. she is 11 years old and needs to loose 250 lbs. she needs a whole lot of movement over time. she is an energetic pony. Maybe this will help with her weight loss program. 

He owner sadly parted with her and Al due to the loss of her husband. Apparently her pasture was made of the horsey equivalent of ice cream and cookies. With miles and time she should make a fine beginner mount. Cute as a button, fat as a tick. Adores human attention.  Standing all of 14 HH tall ( and nearly as wide) Susie is truly a block of a horse. She can carry almost any adult, good on the road, in the woods, trailers ties, no bad habits… a REALLY easy keeper! Call to see if you and she will be compatible.

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