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How to Help

PayPal is a safe and easy way to help.

Network for Good is another great way to make direct a donation with a credit card.

Adopt - Volunteer - Contribute


Saving a life by adopting is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. However, is is not for everyone. Whether it be inadequate facilities for raising orphans, time constraints, or financial reasons it is just not the right fit for everyone that would like to adopt. It takes a huge commitment on many levels. If you are in a position to adopt please click here to see if you qualify. Foal Adoption page


Yes! We love volunteers. Make a commitment of your time to help the foals hands-on. What would you be doing as a volunteer? For many reasons the foal handling is done by our trained staff, you may be asked to lend a hand with handling if needed. Primarily you would be there to do some of the other work freeing them up to mix meds, administer treatments and perform daily health checks. We encourage you to love on these precious little innocents just a much as possible but remember, this is NOT a "petting zoo" it is more of a hospital and needs to be treated as such. Babies need rest and do not need over stimulating, gentle love at most.
You will be asked to wash walls in the foal barn(again it's a hospital), scoop up poop, fill feed bags and milk buckets and possibly wash poopy bums. It's not all that glamorous but very rewarding.
Truly committed volunteers are very hard to find, and we deeply value the addition of dedicated, reliable, warm hearted help in the toughest times these little lives will ever experience. Call 740-594-4336 to arrange a time to volunteer. We do not have any accommodations for those that come from afar but there are many hotels in town. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied buy an adult and parent must sign a liability release.


There are many ways to help, and contributions come in many forms. Just know that your contributions are tax deductible and mean everything to our continued success rescuing and finding homes for 150 - 200 orphan foals along with numerous adult horses every year. Although monetary donations are preferred, welcome donations of any kind, if it is not something that we can use on the farm, we sell the items for milk money.  We have had everything from fur coats to gas grills donated, so don't be shy if you don't need it and we can sell it, bring it on.