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Milk Recipe

How to Make Milk


  • Buckeye Mare's Milk Plus
  • G.U.T. by UKELE
  • Vanilla  flavored yogurt
  • Oats

Step One

Start with a 5 gallon bucket. If you have smaller bucket that you would like to use, make the mix in the larger bucket first hen transfer it into the smaller ones.

Your milk formula "scoop" is going to be a 2lb. yogurt container. If it is hot weather you will want to to use cooler water, but unless it is very hot you  should use warm water. You don't ever want screaming hot or frigid cold water. Young sick foals are more likely to drink warm milk.

Step Two

Put a few inches of water into the bucket ( usually warm).  Add 1/2 tub of yogurt ( one pound),

1 Heaping scoop ( empty yogurt tub) milk powder
2 scoops G.U.T. ( scoop included)
1 to 2 cups  Oats
Mix together into a think slurry making sure there are no clumps.

Step Three

Fill the bucket up the rest of the way. Split into smaller buckets if you'd like.

Foals should always have milk in front of them. Be careful not to make too much or it can spoil.

You will find out quickly what smells "good" and what smells "old" be sure to keep it fresh!
If your foals get diarrhea you can back off the milk powder a bit ( try one level scoop instead of a heaping scoop)  Keep them drinking! you can give 60 cc kaopectate 3 times a day if necessary, plus any antacid. After diarrhea passes, slowly increase to the usual amount. It is very unlikely that foals will get too fat at this age, so the chunkier the better!

They need to be drinking  more than 16 oz every 2 hours to stay hydrated.