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Wish List

Our Wish List

  • Homes : For wonderful horses. We have many horses and foals that need an open heart and home.

  • Tack : Our ongoing Saddle Drive collects saddles that we can sell.  The money that is raised literally buys the foals' lives.  We accept all tack, bridles, bits, blankets, ANYTHING!  If we can't use it here, we can sell it for milk money.

  • High Quality Hay and Grain : Because of limited grazing and the condition of many of the animals we insist on something worth feeding them.  Quality in means quality out.

  • Office Supplies and Stamps : To help run day-to-day operations.

  • 4-Wheeler : To transport grain, hay and equipment between barns.

  • Gift Certificates : For feed stores, tack and other needed supplies.  We have a Kroger and a Tractor Supply Co that we visit often! 

  • A Dump Bed Trailer : To prevent the manure piles from igniting.

  • Artificial Colostrum : Each serving costs $98.00 and each foal that needs it requires 1 serving. If you know a vet with extra, that would help us tremendously. Other supplies are constantly in demand. Please call Victoria at 740.594.4336 for details.

  • Lime and Gravel : A couple of trucks worth now and then to help smooth out the settling process and reduce mud.

  • New Tires : For the trucks and trailers.

  • Wood Shavings : Baled shavings for the foals and truckloads of shavings for the stalls.

  • Supplements : Many of the horses have suffered abuse or malnutrition.  The supplement we use the most is Farrier's Formula.

  • Medical Supplies : Bandages, antibiotics, ect.  Please call Victoria at 740.594.4336 for details.

  • Horse Equipment : New or used.

  • Sponsors for Foal and Horse Stalls : $1000 covers some of the cost of the stall and your name will be added to the door.

  • Anything Else : We can't stress this enough.

Here is the link to our AMAZON Wish List as well!  Thanks!