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Intensive Care Barn
The Intensive Care Barn was originally located north of Lancaster, Ohio.  We dismantled it one board at a time.  It took a long time and a lot of labor but it is up and running.  It is attached to our cabin, actually it dwarfs the cabin.  This buildings interior does what it was designed to do - save lives.  The "foal barn", as we call it, has an office and a milk/ medicine room as well as the stable area.  

The stable area has stainless steel walls to more readily facilitate daily cleaning and sanitization.  Salmonella and e.coli as well as a rash of other communicable diseases run rampant and our biggest job is to stop them in their tracks.  Transmission of diseases is easy when the foals have projectile diahrea.  Since they don't have a mother they try to suckle on every available surface.  One can easily grasp what we are up against, so daily "scrub downs" are in order.  The floor is rubber with a drainage system, we also cover the ground with thick fluffy shavings to add to the comfort of the foals.

There are three stalls to isolate sick foals from the rest of the "herd".  These stalls have insulated curtains and a radiant heat system; this allows us to keep the sickly foals warmer.  There is a large sunny play area for the foals to frolic and nap in, away from the weather.  I consider the ICB to be the crown jewel of the farm, well worth a tour.