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Throughout the years we have always invited 4-H groups, class trips, clubs, individuals, and anyone else, to come tour the farm. Occasionally we have been asked to speak at various events. This past summer, we expanded our lecture tours because there is no more worthy project than making time to teach children. We believe that the future of stopping animal abuse lies in educating children about abuse and neglect by helping them learn how to identify and stop it. The most important aspect of the lecture tour is abuse education to inspire children to remain loving and responsible partners with the creatures in their lives.

A few of the staff and I pack ourselves, a pony or horse, and some literature, to visit libraries, schools, 4-H clubs, and summer camps (We would even do parties if we were ever invited!). After we talked about horses and wolves, the floor is opened up for questions and answers … where the real information is shared and disseminated. Receiving questions from their young minds and making it personal for them is the best part or the lecture tour. We cut off the questions and answers at an hour so that they can touch the animals. After all the petting, the poor pony or horse is lucky to have any hair left on its hide – some of the kids have snuck around and rejoined the line for as many as four passes!

By traveling to them we are involved in important outreach amongst many young minds that are growing everyday to adulthood. As adults, we trust that they will pass to their own children the legacy of kindness and caring. We are helping create tomorrow’s loving, involved and committed caretakers at home and in the community.

Each year we take on several high school and college students as apprentices for longer-term learning and exposure. The Last Chance also welcomes group tours from various clubs, schools, and organizations; to schedule a trip or to request an appearance please call Victoria at 740.594.4336.