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Dr. Smith's Checklist

General Care Guidelines

  • Give Dannon yogurt each feeding; use about 1 tbsp per feeding.
  • Use activated charcoal if your foal has diarrhea, about 1 tbsp per feeding.
  • Goats milk is better than milk replacer, replace one pint for one pint.
  • Worm every 2 months until 2 years of age alternating from 1. strongid 2. IVM 3. Paracur 4. IVM 5. Quest 6. IVM. (See worming chart in file.)
  • After two years of age worm every three months using the same rotation.
  • If your foal is sick with pneumonia or lethargic use 3cc of penicillin two times a day for five days and 5cc of B complex once a day for five days. If your foal has pneumonia and diarrhea use activated charcoal first then antibiotics. If your foal is still getting sicker give your foal 15cc of spectenomycin orally onetime only .
  • ***Scours are normal at about 9 days old even without mares foal heat.

Dr. Smith's Feeding Guidlines for the Orphaned Foal

Continue to provide milk replacer twice a day by bucket. For light horse (Quarter Horse, Arabian, Thoroughbred, etc.) foals, feed up to 5 gallons per day; for draft foals 6-7 gallons per day. Small (1/2 flake) quantities of hay may also be offered at this time.

• In a separate bucket, begin offering a milk-based starter pellet (Buckeye Foal Starter, Start to Finish) at 4 weeks of age. Start with ¼ pound and increase as appetite dictates. Do not exceed three pounds per day.

• At two months of age, begin reducing the amount of liquid milk fed by ½ gallon every 2-3 days. The amount of pellets consumed should increase. Once the limit on the starter pellet is reached, begin adding a grain-based foal feed in ½ pound increments to appetite. Tizwhiz 16, Super Foal, Countrymark Foal Primer are several that are available. Increase hay to one flake per day.

• At twelve weeks, begin decreasing the amount of milk based pellet by ¼ pound per week, replacing it with the grain pellet. All milk-based feed should be stopped by 4-4½ months of age. Increase hay to two flakes per day. Guidelines below. By 12 months, protein concentration of feed can decrease to 14%.


Lbs. Grain

Lbs. Hay

4-6 Months


3-4 (2-3 flakes)

6-12 Months


4-6 (3-4 flakes)

12-18 Months


6-8 (4-5 flakes)

• Water and trace mineral salt should always be available. Exercise is also essential for proper development.

Buckeye Mare's Milk Plus 1.6 lbs + 3 liters (3/4 gallon) water = 1 gallon of milk.

Our thanks to Dr. Smith DVM at the Milliron Clinic for this information.