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LCC is dependent on the charity and goodwill of our donors and benefactors. We simply cannot continue providing our essential services to needy horses year after year without the support we've gratefully received from so many folks.

There are two main ways you can contribute:

There are many other ways you can help, such as by buying something from our Gift Shop, or by volunteering your time or business services to our cause. Please contact us for further details on how you can help save lives.

Here are some other ways you can help:

  • Sponsor: If you're not in a position to raise a foal consider being a sponsor. Foal Sponsors should know that with a $250 donation the money will not only be used to purchase one foal, but also will be used to purchase another foal, and another foal with each subsequent adoption. So your $250 donation can help save an exponential number of foals.
  • Adopt: Provide a responsible, loving home and promise to raise the little guy or gal with love and dedication. This is a tremendous commitment, but one of the most rewarding efforts one can imagine.
  • Contribute: Bring in the items the babies need every day. Milk replacer, yogurt, mineral oil, enemas, kaopectate, milk of magnesia, foal blankets, small buckets, milk pellets, nutraceuticals, and other supportive items are purchased by LCC almost daily. Please contact us directly if you would like to contribute gift-in-kind items.
  • Volunteer! Make a commitment of your time to help the foals hands-on. If you would like to learn the specific needs of orphan foals, and don't mind getting a little messy, we would love to give you the training and abilities to help. Truly committed volunteers are very hard to find, and we deeply value the addition of dedicated, reliable, warm-hearted help in the toughest times these little lives will ever experience.
  • Purchasing artwork from Marlena Floyd. She has offered to donate 25% of her profits from sales of her artwork when people mention they found her through our website. To view or purchase her pictures please follow this link: www.portraitsbymarlena.com Make sure to mention Last Chance Corral when ordering from her. Below are samples of her work.