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Awards & Honors

AVMA Humane Award

On July 14, 2001 in Boston Massachusetts at the American Veterinary Medical Association's 138th Annual Convention Ms. Victoria Goss president and founder of the LAST CHANCE CORRAL was selected to receive the AVMA Humane Award in recognition of humane efforts on behalf of animals and exceptional compassion for animal welfare.

As president of the LAST CHANCE CORRAL (LCC), Victoria Goss has saved more than 1,500 horses and foals during her 19 years of operation in the Appalachian area, never turning away any horse in need. Her program is devoted to rehabilitating abused, neglected and unwanted horses for adoption by approved homes.

On average, the LCC rescues 75 - 100 full-grown horses annually and an increasing number of foals, with 160 saved last year. Nurse mare foals, typically shipped to the slaughterhouse immediately after birth, are fed every two hours by hand, 24 hours a day at the LCC, and cared for until they are ready for adoption. Ms. Goss continues to aggressively pursue basic animal rights legislation for newborn foals.

Her dedication to equine welfare never wavers. Ms. Goss works tirelessly and without interruption to rehabilitate each horse in the face of limited funding, adverse weather conditions and significant injuries, such as a broken neck, broken back, and other serious injuries that are the byproducts of her devotion. Local veterinarian Dr. Pete Smith provides medical assistance at the LCC and considers Ms. Goss "in a class by herself for concern and contributions to equine rescue."

Rio Vista Hank Award

On August 20, 2000 the LAST CHANCE CORRAL was selected to receive the top honors in the Rio Vista Hank Award! Rio Vista Products is a leading manufacturer of equine and canine grooming and specialty feed products. The Hank Award was created after a fund was established in 1996 when Rio Vista set a policy that each time one of their products is purchased, a portion of the sale is set aside for the benefit of abused or neglected horses or dogs.

Out of 40+ large animals rescue agencies, across the country and in Canada that were considered, LAST CHANCE CORRAL won the award primarily for work done saving 200 slaughter bound foals. This ground breaking effort not only saves lives but is seeking to change the system that allows inhumane treatment of these helpless creatures in the name of profit. Long hours, little compensation, and the never ending struggle for funds to keep the facility up and running is more than a full time job. Victoria herself puts in up to 12 to 24 hours a day, giving blood, sweat, and tears to make LAST CHANCE CORRAL happen. The joy comes through the interaction with the rescued horses and the families who adopt them. Unfortunately, joy alone doesn't purchase feed and hay, or pay the huge vet bills. LAST CHANCE CORRAL thanks Rio Vista Products for recognizing just "...how much LAST CHANCE CORRAL does with so little!" We hope that this hard earned award will attract more attention and validate the work being done at our facility, encouraging more donations as well as more grant funding locally and nationally.

On October 5, 2000 LAST CHANCE CORRAL received the engraved bronze statue "Friends" depicting a dog and horse together. In addition, LAST CHANCE CORRAL received a check for $2,500 and supplies from Rio Vista Products.