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Available Horses
Arctic Chad Quick Missy Roscoe Foxy Denali
Available Foals
Available Horses
Arctic Chad- Available

For Sale: 23 yr old 15.3H thoroughbred chestnut gelding. Sound and quiet. Perfect on the ground, clips, ships. No vices. Currently being used in a hunter/jumper/dressage lesson program. Safe for a beginner on the lunge line and fun for the more advanced rider. Some trail experience. Due to age and previous suspensory injury, Chad no longer jumps but is a solid citizen on the flat. A good home is a must. Call 419-722-4190
Adoption Fee: $1500.00

Quick- Available

15 year old 15.2 HH Buckskin appaloosa. first of all let me say that quick is not quick to embrace humans.You have to earn his favor. I would feel perfectly safe with the supposition that he has been handled unkindly in the past. He is fearful of bridles going on and even more so of them coming off. W have worked on this and he trust that we are not going to cause him pain. A new person may have to invest some time to gain his trust. He is genuinely suspicious of human kind.Once you are on him, he's fine. It's the ground work that requires a legitimate horse person(one that can't be bluffed) My horse Lucky was a thousand times worse. It takes a mix of patience, firmness and horse savvy. In the ring he is LAZY he knows his stuff but is in no hurry to show it off. It is on the trail where Quick truly shines. He is a steady point and shoot horse. He has never refused to go through, over or under any obsticle. Traffic- no problem. Loads ties, you name it. He has terrific feet and loads of bone. He's a great horse but not for a beginner. I myself would keep him but he is not HOT enough for my taste. I like a horse to be on the bit, he's more of a loose reign fella. And oh, he comes to his name!
Adoption Fee: $1000.00

Missy- Not Yet Available

Pushing 20, she is a Kiger Mountain Mustang. These horses are known for their rugged trail endurance, sure footed-ness and longevity; they are prized for their unique tiger markings and golden coats. Missy was born in the wild and is tattooed; she is broke for trail, but she has not had occasion to do so in several years. She needs to get dialed back into the program and find the perfect home. She will not be a beginner horse; she needs a confident rider, as she still some natural lingering trust issues. It may take a moment for her to warm up to you......but when she does you will have a buddy for life as a member of her elite herd. She is not currently available until we get her teeth done (NEVER has been to a dentist) and "mess" with her a bit.
Adoption Fee: $

Roscoe- Not Yet Available

8 year old Kiger mustang, born in captivity. Gentle, easy going and is broke, but has not been used in a few years. The veterinarian needs to give him a once over to ascertain his level of soundness. He appears to have an old fetlock injury that may have left him with a mechanical hitch. Will be sure to let you know what transpires.
Adoption Fee: $

Foxy- Not Yet Available

18 year old VERY Golden Palomino mare; Gentle Trail mare. Needs to get her teeth done and receive some additional groceries before placement.
Adoption Fee: $

Denali- Not Yet Available

12-13 year old Fancy Bay Gelding. Was a nursemare foal (NOT one of mine), Super fancy with lots of charm. My guess is that he is a spotted draft crossed with a quarter horse or a Morgan. Rides on the road in the woods over hill and dale...... in a halter and lead rope!! Will learn a little more about what all he knows and let you know as we do!!
Adoption Fee: $