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Available Horses
Jack B Quick
Available Foals
18-012 National Treasure 18-028 Rally 18-029 Cinch 18-030 Quest 18-032 Out of the Blue 18-033 Good Clean Fun 18-034 Radar Love 18-035 Little Texas Twister 18-031 Prince Joseph " Jo-Jo" 18-036 Sensation 18-037 Diplomatic Immunity 18-038 Searcher 18-039 Flash Back 18-040 Cupcake 18-041 Hot Rod 18-042 Lawless
Available Horses
Jack B Quick- Available

He's a straight shootin' son of a gun! Nimble and fast! You would know it to look at this shaggy old pony, but swing a leg over his back and he steps livley. If you ask, or simply suggest, he snaps into turbo leaving everything in his dust.Jack was used as a 4H mount, barrel/contest horse.He is a pony at 14.1HH and is 20-22 years old.He has tremendous bone, grand hooves and a two-toned mane and tail. And check out those feathers! I am fairly certain that he has some sort of draft pony in his background. when I brought him home he was terribly thin but has been gaining steadily. I would not recommend Jack for a beginner. He knows too much.You can signal him without knowing it! A confident advanced novice or anyone else will have a ball with Jack. Fearless on the trail, road, traffic, water you name it. He happens to be my favorite ride currently on the farm but being a rescue I just have to let him go to his new forever home and make room for the next horse in need.
Adoption Fee: $500.00