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Adoption Policies

Here at the Last Chance Corral our number one priority is to make sure the homes we find for our loved ones are suitable to their needs and abilities.  Throughout the years we have discovered that there are certain requirements that we find make both the adopter and the horse or foal's life much much better.

The first and probably most important factor in selecting an adopter is that they must have previous horse experience.  We do not adopt our loved ones out to people who have not had the wonderful experience of owning or caring for a horse previously.  Our horses have already been through enough and need not to go through the often overlooked challenges that first time horse owner experiences.

The second requirement is that you have the appropriate facilities.  You need to have access to a barn with stalls and quality fencing in the paddock or pastures.  For nurse mare foals it is required that you have a barn on your property.  The foals need to be constantly monitored not just checked on once or twice a day.  They need companionship and motherly love, as any baby would.

We do not allow foals to be adopted to homes with barbed wire or high tensile fence.  These types of fencing are not really safe for even an adult horse, and are out of the question for foals.  Foals require safer fencing, such as 3-4 board fencing or gate panels. 

If the financial obligation of two foals would be a strain on your budget, remember that when caring for a baby, unexpected vet bills might come up, and the foals shouldn't suffer due to lack of reasonable funding.  Make sure that you are financially ready to adopt a foal before you come on out to adopt.

You can fill out an adoption agreement and bring it with you or you can fill one out here when you pick up your foal.  DO NOT email us an adoption agreement until you have called, been approved, put a deposit, and set an appointment to pick up your foal.

If you feel you meet the above requirements and are willing to take the responsibility for one of our loved ones feel free to give us a call at 740-594-4336 to come and meet the horse or foal of your dreams!

Note:  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we hold foals.  We have a first come, first serve policy for qualified adoptors.  Our reasoning behind that is that if we are holding foals (even for 24 hours), it prevents other people from adopting the foals that are taking up space for others that are waiting to come in.  This policy allows us to recycle both our space and our finances.

Recap of Requirements

1.  You must have owned a horse previously.

2.  You must have quality fencing- for foals, no high tensile or barbed wire.  For adults, we really prefer that you don't have barbed or high tensile wire.

3.  Our foals are adopted out in pairs.  Fancy colors (paints palominos etc.) cannot be adopted together. A foal that is older (a month old +) might be able to go alone, but we REALLY prefer, for the foal's sake that they go with a buddy.

4.  You must have an active relationship with your vet and farrier, and they need to be "on board" with the regular health care of your foal.  They also need to vouch for the care that you give your present horse(s).

5.  Your barn with stalls must be on your property if you are adopting foals.  For horses, you can board at another facility.

6.  You must presently own horses, to teach the foal to be a horse when it gets older.